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Quality HVAC at Affordable Rates

At Olympic Heating we take a genuine interest in your home comfort needs. We don't just go through the motions, because every job is important and a priority. We work with all the major brands of equipmrent , which allows us to be competitively priced in todays market. In most cases, a received is a discount thats also passed on to our customer.

Some of our services include: maximizing your heating and cooling needs with quality products that will keep you and your family comfortable year round. We also offer new and energy efficient equipment when an existing system is beyond repair, unreliable, or just unsafe.

Wether it's heating or cooling, our highly trained technicians are here to help you. We discuss several options for you in non technical language and to better help you understand your situation. "We won't sell you a new system, when all you need is a fuse"

When selecting a new system what should I look for?

How can I tell a cheap furnace vs a better furnace?

Whats the difference between an 80% and a (90+%)?

What is a 2 stage vs a single stage furnace?

What is a Modulating furnace?

What is a Constant Speed Blower vs a Variable Speed?

What is zoning?

Here's a helpful link to the right that will explain the different options available today.

Please see our Recent Projects Page.

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